Criminal Justice Programs in Alaska

Criminal justice schools in Alaska may not be as bountiful as other states, but it does have many state and local criminal justice agencies which can make job placement easier. For example, there are more than 40 local police departments, including university police departments and airport safety departments. Alaska’s Department of Public Safety, which helps other state or local government agencies promote public safety, employs both State Troopers and Wildlife Troopers. Employment opportunities also reside within the Alaska Department of Corrections, Alaska Division of Juvenile Justice, the Alaska Court System and the Alaska Department of Law. Like mentioned before, Alaska may not be home to dozens of criminal justice degree programs and schools like in other states — after all, its population size does not call for them — but there are three high-quality, accredited Alaska criminal justice programs to choose from.

Criminal Justice Schools in Alaska

University of Alaska – Anchorage : The University of Alaska – Anchorage offers several criminal justice-related degrees through its Justice Center, including a certificate in paralegal studies, a bachelor’s degree in justice, and a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis in criminal justice. Those looking for a strong foundation in criminal justice studies, including policing, law, and the administration of justice typically pursue a bachelor’s degree in justice. To complete the program, students must pass a justice exit exam, offered twice each semester.

University of Alaska – Fairbanks: The University of Alaska-Fairbanks offers a bachelor’s degree in justice as well as a master’s degree in administration of justice. The former program is designed to teach students criminology, ethics, deviance, and even the psychology of drug dependence to become a well-rounded employee in the field. The latter program is designed to build on the fundamentals and focuses more on theoretical and applied concepts of the justice discipline. The master degree program is also offered online.

University of Alaska – Southeast: The University of Alaska – Southeast doesn’t offer a criminal justice degree in the traditional sense but it does collaborate with the Alaska Department of Public Safety Training Academy to offer a law enforcement program. This full-time program fulfills the pre-employment curriculum for most criminal justice systems. In fact, it’s similar to the training offered at police academies. That said, students must also pass a physical fitness program before enrolling.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Alaska

Although job placement is not guaranteed, most criminal justice graduates find employment as Alaska State Troopers, fire marshals, police officers, airport safety officers, or village public safety officers. An advanced degree can improve ranking and job prospects as well. For example, those with master’s degrees in the discipline can go on to work for the court system as well as for federal agencies. While the most recent statistics shows that Alaska has an unemployment rate of 6.8%,employment prospects for those pursuing criminal justice-related jobs should be good, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predictions. For example, employment opportunities for fire marshals are predicted to increase by 9% within the next few years. Salary depends on many different factors, including location, degree earned, and years of experience, but fire marshals and investigators earned a median salary of $52,230 in May 2010.