Top 50 Internet & Digital Law Blogs

Whether you’re an independent blogger, you own your own business or are just interested in the new cases and legislations surrounding Internet and new media, you’ll want your research to come from quality, authoritative sources. The following list features blogs from law schools like Stanford and Harvard, as well as lawyers and law firms across the country, all on a mission to help the public learn more about Internet and digital law.

Academic Blogs

Here you can find advice and updates from Harvard Law School, Stanford and The John Marshall Law School.

  1. Berkman Center for Internet and Society: Harvard’s law blog focuses on Internet trends and how law restricts or fosters new development.
  2. Stanford Center for Internet and Society: Stanford Law School’s blog often discusses copyright cases, intellectual property and the Fair Use Project.
  3. Law Blog: Professor David Sorkin at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago blogs about cyberlaw, copyright and more.
  4. Lessig: Lawrence Lessig writes about politics, Internet culture and copyright infringement.
  5. Colette Vogele’s Blog: Lawyer Colette Vogele blogs through Stanford Law School’s site about new media, blogging, privacy and more.
  6. Media Law Prof Blog: LSU Associate Professor of Law Christine A. Corcos blogs about virtual worlds, broadcast law and new media.

Copyright, Intellectual Property and Defamation

For information about copyright infringement, intellectual property in the digital age and more, turn to this list.

  1. California Defamation Law Blog: Learn how to credit third-party content, online speech and more.
  2. IP::JUR: This European blog is written by a patent attorney and often comments on computer, technology and Internet-related cases.
  3. Info/Law: A blog about "the law of information," Info/Law focuses on intellectual property, new technology and how it all fits in to Internet culture.
  4. The Trademark Blog: From spam to social networks to trademark cases, this blog covers it all.
  5. Internet Law – Copyright Law: This Italy-based, English-language blog discusses cases, lawsuits and European Internet law issues.

New Media and Digital Law

These bloggers are on the cutting edge in their discussion about new media and the law.

  1. Stephen Wu’s 3D Internet Law Blog: This blog posts relevant articles and analysis "for the age of the 3D Internet."
  2. Virtually Blind: This blog is all about law and the virtual world, including SecondLife and World of Warcraft.
  3. Broadcast Law Blog: Learn about the law and business of digital TV and online radio here.
  4. New Media and Technology Law Blog: Read about trends and cases regarding search engines, open source, e-mail contracts and more.
  5. Silicon Valley Media Law Blog: Cathy Kirkman writes about e-commerce, technology and new media law.
  6. Digital Media Law: From Hollywood and entertainment digital law to "the business of digital law," this blog discusses it all.
  7. Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law: Learn about "the future of digital media law" from this blog.
  8. Here you’ll find posts and discussions about digital media law theory and specific cases.

Blogs from Firms and Lawyers

Law firms and lawyers are sharing their expertise and inside information with the public through the following blogs.

  1. Internet Lawyer: The Law Offices of Bernard C. Dietz, PC manage this blog and share news and information about lawsuits, legislation and cases that are relevant to Internet law.
  2. Digestible Law: Perkins Coie hosts an "Internet case digest" and posts about everything from freedom of expression to creating ads online.
  3. The Computer and Internet Law Blog: Henry Chiu, an intellectual property and business litigation and transactions lawyer blogs on everything from employer Internet use policies to privacy issues to copyright infringement to online gaming property.
  4. Technology, eBusiness and Digital Media Law Blog: This blog, from the firm Davis Wright Tremaine, reports on cases from plagiarism and copyright infringement to lawsuits involving Google.
  5. Internet Law Attorney Blog: Lawyer Erik Syverson blogs about cases involving Craigslist, online pharmacies, and even Barbie.
  6. Chicago IP Litigation Blog: Lawyer R. David Donoghue reports on the IP cases of northern Illinois.
  7. Ernie the Attorney: New Orleans attorney and professor "Ernie" writes about new technologies and legal issues.

Privacy and Security

This list features blogs that cover the law in regards to online privacy and security.

  1. RSA Conference 365: This blog is "where the world talks security," and cybersecurity and Internet law receive a lot of attention.
  2. LawEddie: LawEddie frequently posts about identity theft, privacy issues and more.
  3. Privacy and Security Law Blog: Learn about malware, identity theft and safety online in this blog.
  4. Privacy Law Blog: From the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act to electronic voting to e-mail and the invasion of privacy, this blog is great for learning about online privacy cases and legislation.
  5. Privacy Spot: Learn all about data protection and privacy laws here.
  6. UsefulArts covers stories about trademark, copyright and privacy online.
  7. Privacy Digest: Check out Privacy Digest for updates on data privacy and network privacy.

News and Business

For the latest news and business information from the Internet law sector, turn to this list.

  1. Gahtan’s Technology and Internet Law Blog: This Toronto-based information technology and e-commerce lawyer blogs about new Internet and mobile products, lawsuits, and online privacy and security.
  2. Technology and Marketing Law Blog by Eric Goldman: Goldman reports on major Internet law cases that concern privacy rights, fraud and more.
  3. Dozier Internet Law, PC: This entrepreneur and "Super Lawyer" writes "pro-business" posts about domain name cases, Google, lawsuits, and even political stories that affect the way we use the Internet.
  4. DennisKennedy: Besides sharing blogging and technology tips for lawyers, Dennis Kennedy writes about law 2.0, intellectual property and more.
  5. Be Spacific: This news and technology blog reports on legislation, e-government and online security.
  6. The Lawyers for Internet Business: If you have your own Internet business or just want to learn more about online business and marketing culture, read this blog.
  7. New York Small Business Law: While this blog donates attention to many aspects of small business culture and law, its writer likes to focus on online businesses "and social world."
  8. Technology and Business Law Blog: Silicon Valley lawyer Sujatha Ganesan writes about cybercrime and cyberlaw, social networks, information law and a lot more.
  9. Business and Technology Law Blog: Learn how e-commerce, open source and new technologies affect business law.
  10. Law X.0: Lawyers wanting to stay current on social media sites, homeland security and other Internet tools can turn to this blog.


This final list features blogs about Internet law and politics, podcasts and more.

  1. Politech: This blog writes about how and where politics and technology intersect, often discussing legislation, e-government and more.
  2. The Internet Law Blog: This blog follows the business of the Internet, as well as anti-spam laws and privacy rights.
  3. Internet Cases: This three-year-old blog covers all aspects of Internet law, from podcasts to cybersquatting to spyware to patents.
  4. IBLS Speaker’s Corner: This community blog focuses on global technology issues, including e-commerce law, online privacy and online security.
  5. The Legal Satyricon: Read about politics, Internet law, law and technology and more "irreverent thoughts" and commentary.
  6. Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog: Lawyers and other professionals who blog or have businesses online can learn legal, safe tips for working online.
  7. Madisonian: Here you’ll learn all about online culture, cyberlaw, and law and technology.