50 Terrific Social Sites for Law Students and Lawyers

Law school and law firms sponsor their own networking events and aim to connect legal professionals for the sake of recruitment, collaboration and more. But to compete with the top lawyers and graduates, you’ll need to venture out on your own, too. These social sites can help you find jobs, interact with clients and build cases, all online.

Information Gathering

Thanks to social media sites, lawyers can enjoy unique access to people’s records and evidence through Facebook and other sites. This list of social networks are great for information gathering.

  1. MySpace: Find incriminating photos and more on MySpace.
  2. Facebook: Facebook is a popular site for members to put up photos of partying and other scandalous behavior.
  3. Flickr: Find hard evidence through pictures on Flickr accounts.
  4. LinkedIn: Confirm professional and social relationships by exploring a client’s LinkedIn profile.
  5. Cake Financial: Find out information about someone’s accounts and investments on this site.
  6. YouTube: Browse YouTube for videos of your clients or others caught in compromising situations.
  7. Meetup: Find out where someone is going to be at a designated time by following them on Meetup, a social site that helps groups organize meetings in real life.
  8. Geni: Use this social network for organizing family trees and genealogy records to confirm family ties.
  9. OUTeverywhere: OUTeverywhere is a social networking site for gay dating and more.
  10. Vimeo: Vimeo is another video sharing site that may prove useful to your research.

Networking and Jobs

Use these social sites for networking and job searching, as well as making friends.

  1. Attorneys Online: Here you can take advantage of the Lawyer to Lawyer Referral Service for networking and more.
  2. Twitter: Keep in touch with lots of colleagues and friends by sending out one single message to everyone.
  3. Ryze: Ryze is a professional networking site that thrives on making business contacts.
  4. Law.com: Check out the lawyer blogs and law jobs center on this site for networking purposes.
  5. Counsel.net: This network features a chatboard, forums, and more resources for lawyers, law students and other legal professionals.
  6. American Bar Associations: ABA members have access to an events calendar, career resources, discussion groups, a member directory, and other benefits through the website.
  7. International Lawyers Network: Access contact lists and more for lawyers around the world.
  8. Legal OnRamp: This invite-only network provides legal professionals with web services, like blogs, wikis, profiles and more.
  9. MyPractice: Catch up on legal news, events and issues through this social network that lets you build your own profile and make connections.
  10. LawLink: Join groups, chat on the forums, pose questions and learn about other attorneys in your field and beyond.
  11. Law Marketing: This "national business network for the legal industry" features a forum, events calendar, profiles, blogs, notes, videos and more.
  12. Avvo: The public uses this directory to find lawyers, so make sure you’re included in the network.


Share news stories and collaborate on special social sites to work on your cases and contribute to the industry here.

  1. Above the Law: This law news and gossip blog features a community for lawyers and legal professionals who want to discuss jobs, cases and other issues.
  2. ESQChat: Here you can connect with other attorneys to share news, blog, ask questions and more.
  3. MarkaBoo: Easily bookmark from e-mail, browser and your phone with this social bookmarking site, which also lets you host online study groups, share videos and create your own blog or podcast.
  4. Ning: Create a social group online for the people you’re working with on a specific case. You can share information and ideas easily.
  5. Memotoo: Organize your case information on this site, where it can be seen by colleagues.
  6. Digg: Digg is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites and can be a great place to share news and research.
  7. Google Groups: Google Groups is another place for you to set up a private place online to collaborate and share information.
  8. Mixx: Lawyers in all areas of expertise, including sports, entertainment, science and health law can share news and stay on top of industry trends here.
  9. Uloop: Law students and college students use this site to sell books and more.
  10. Justia.com: Find the best law stories and groups online using Justia.com.


Visit these legal forums to meet others in your profession or share your advice.

  1. LawVibe.com: Stay current on the law issues that people around the world are talking about.
  2. The Attorneys Forum: Threads here include topics like bankruptcy, accident and injuries, financial law, and more.
  3. Court Forum: Ask questions and submit feedback on feeds that deal with cyber law, corporate law, employment law, civil suits and more.
  4. FreeAdvice: Build up your reputation and make contacts by giving free advice on this forum.
  5. The Law: Access legal tools and network on the law forums.
  6. The Frugal Law Student Forums: This popular site also features a forum for law students, where issues like productivity, personal finance and other topics are discussed.


From law student networking to more job connections, these social sites are worth checking out.

  1. PivotalDiscovery.com: This network features a career portal, videos and more, for "e-discovery and litigation professionals."
  2. lawyrs: lawyrs is a small networking group that lets members join groups and find law firms.
  3. Advanced Advocates: Law students connect on this social site to find jobs, discuss issues, and more.
  4. HubPages: Market your skills by becoming an expert the public turns to when you write articles on HubPages.
  5. WSJ Law Blog: The Law Blog on wsj.com is more than just a blog. Readers, legal professionals and others frequently use the site to comment, discuss issues, network and more.
  6. TweetLaw: This Twitter service is for legal professionals who want to narrow down their networking opportunities.
  7. JDDiversity: This organization is devoted to promoting diversity in the legal community. Use the site to access blogs, participate in discussions, learn about special events, and more.
  8. LegalBirds: Find legal professionals on Twitter by first networking on this site.
  9. U.S. Law Blog Directory: Quickly find blog posts and discussions relating to various legal topics here.
  10. LexTweet: Use this directory and community to find legal professionals on Twitter.
  11. LB Network: Share photos, music, videos and your resume on this legal network.
  12. Legally Minded: Here, legal professionals join groups, share news, network with other professionals, blog, join discussions, and a lot more.