Best Criminal Justice Jobs

 Criminal justice degrees offer students a wide range of options in regards to their future.  They can choose to enter law enforcement and see criminal justice at work first-hand, or even delve into the legal/judiciary aspect of it all.  However, most students will agree that the more fulfilling jobs center on upholding the law and prosecuting wrongdoers.   These are three of the most popular criminal justice jobs that students of criminal justice aspire to earn. 

Becoming a police officer does not necessarily take a criminal justice degree, unless you want to become an officer in one of the larger cities or metropolitans.  However, the police force is one of the most intense forms of criminal justice jobs because it directly introduces you to the seedy underbelly of society.  Criminal justice jobs are not about shelter from the dark side of society, but rather force you right into the center of it all.  Therefore, at least an introductory course in criminal justice can help prepare you for the job that may await you upon graduation.  If you simply throw yourself into police work, the results could be devastating and you may experience a type of culture-shock.  Criminal justice jobs involve dealing with many people who have a disregard for the normalcies of civilized society and instead insist on breaking many of the most fundamental human laws. 

A career in the FBI may also open up for many students of criminal justice, although this career is not degree-specific.  This is one of the most heightened forms of a criminal justice job and allows employees to delve even deeper into criminal justice.  Most FBI careers are not easy to come by, but they introduce you to one of the peak forms of criminal justice jobs.  FBI agents must undergo a vast spectrum of medical and psychological tests before they are admitted into the program, although previous work and education experience should prepare applicants for the career they will face.  FBI agents are among the most respected of law enforcement agents and therefore a background in law enforcement usually helps applicant chances. 

Finally, another popular criminal justice job is that of DEA agent.  The specialties that go into this type of work deal directly with criminal justice, although in a more specified area.  The drug industry has boomed in the past decades, causing a greater need for this type of enforcement.  DEA agents are involved in the same type of work as other law enforcement officers, such as criminal investigations and tracking dangerous criminals, although they simply operate in a much smaller spectrum.  DEA agents are respected within the field because they are in charge of combating some of the most dangerous criminals of modern society: the drug wars that are going on in border towns are living proof that we need such criminal justice jobs in the country.