Careers in Criminal Justice in a Global Society

Our criminal justice system has been turned upside down in recent years due to the increasing pressure on different nations to prosecute dangerous war criminals.  This is a difficult task for a global society because every nation has their own justice system, and the possibility of combining all of them together causes many conflicts between nations and a general complexity in prosecuting international terrorists.  However, with programs like the UN and the European Union, these issues are becoming easier to solve and many countries have begun to work together in matching their justice systems with each others.  As a result, careers in criminal justice have taken a dramatic turn away from their previous status as law enforcement positions, and have become more about prosecuting international terrorists and developing a plan as to their trials. 

The difficulties in trying international terrorists has become a dilemma across the Western world.  We are all unsure how to proceed and many high ranking officials in the criminal justice system have been forced to make decisions that can vastly affect our international standing as well as the true justice of the criminals we are prosecuting.  As a result, careers in criminal justice need to ensure even further that justice is upheld than they had to in past years.  This has grown increasingly difficult in a global society in which we are fighting a war without boundaries.  It is difficult to determine who is dangerous and who should be let go, and due to the longevity of most detainee’s imprisonment, the issue is in immediate danger of growing out of control.  Criminal justice jobs now revolve around this debacle and developing new plans for justice in the international sphere. 

Even more difficult has become the task of combining various international justice systems to prosecute dangerous war criminals around the world.  Because each nation has their own self-interests at heart, it is hard to administer what we consider to be justice, as compared to what they consider justice.  Criminal justice careers have never before had so many intricacies to deal with in past years, and therefore the jobs have become wider and farther set apart, allowing much more experience into the justice system than ever before.  While this may seem like a difficult task to take on, many criminal justice employees love their position and love the ability to participate in an atmosphere that is “uncharted territory” to say the least.