Criminal Justice Careers without the Pressure of Law Enforcement

For most potential criminal justice students, law enforcement appears to be the end-all career choice at the end of a criminal justice degree plan.  However, despite all pretenses, law enforcement positions do not have to be the only option available with a criminal justice degree.  Career choices are nearly endless because of the vast governmental jobs that are available through the criminal justice system, not to mention the judicial element of criminal justice.  Criminal justice careers include a wide array of specialties throughout many state and local government organizations.  If you enjoy the administrative side of criminal justice without becoming too heavily entangled with the daily encounters with criminals, maybe looking into one of these organizations is the best choice for you.   

There are many different types of regulatory agencies that deal with the criminal justice system on a daily basis.  State commissions on jail standards help regulate county and state jails, encouraging the public to get involved with understanding the jail system.  Public policy debates have dealt with many aspects of the criminal justice system, especially considering the bad press many state and federal jails have recently received.  The overcrowding of jails has taken a toll on the criminal justice system, as well as the confinement of juveniles in adult prisons, albeit for heinous crimes, but still juveniles too young to be inside with adults.  Even more shocking is the accusations of many county jails working too closely with law enforcement, seemingly changing the entirety of most jail systems.  Helping change public policy is one aspect of criminal justice that is ever-changing because of the nature of criminals. 

Legislature is not an easy thing to change and involves mountains of research, as well as deep digging, and it may not always be rewarding.  However, while you may draft legislation that does not get passed in a state’s session, at least you are getting the issue out into the public.  Many members of the public are not aware of the many public policy issues that plague the criminal justice system, and there are countless amounts of them to choose from within every state.  Every state has its own hidden agendas for the criminal justice system, whether that be highly prevalent, or not noticeable at all.  This type of career path can lead you down some interesting roads, without the stress of dealing with criminals on a daily basis, but instead hopefully changing the system for the best.