Different Opportunities Through Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

Criminal justice encompasses such a wide variety of subjects that finding a job in the industry is relatively easy – it also affords criminal justice students a wide leeway when they are searching for jobs.  Criminal justice degree jobs can range from law enforcement to the judicial arena, allowing students to pick and choose how much education they wish to fulfill over the course of their lives.  Many choose to go the law route and spend a few more years in law school to become defense attorneys while others realize they can use their criminal justice degree in the courthouse without a J.D. by simply becoming a court reporter, court coordinator, clerk, or bailiff.  While these jobs all require experience, it’s not as demanding as becoming a defense attorney. 

Many criminal justice students start out (after graduation) in the law enforcement division since it is the next logical step for many students who earn a criminal justice degree.  After spending years learning about the criminal mindset, entering law enforcement is the best way to put this knowledge to use through the many different options available.  You can become a police officer, narcotics officer, detective, forensic analyst, and many other jobs depending on your city’s needs.  Your background in criminal justice will help secure you a position on an law enforcement unit, which in turn will allow you to expand your knowledge on the subject.  Additionally, students who take this route find that after a few years they want to practice law or become more involved in the legal side of criminal justice.

For these students who want to experience more of the criminal courts, their background in law enforcement will help them to succeed throughout law school.  Many law students have found that waiting to begin law school affords them many experiences other students don’t have.  Criminal law is especially easy for those students who were previously law enforcement officers: they already know many of the statutes and laws that are in place in their state.  Entering the legal realm of criminal justice also allows students to explore different job opportunities ranging from public defenders to defense attorneys.  Many great judges have experienced both sides of the criminal justice system and have worked as both prosecution and defense.  While not everyone wants to defend both sides during their career, it is the mark of a good attorney when you are able to argue both sides and predict what the other side will argue. 

Criminal justice spans many different jobs and career opportunities for students around the country, and it is only a matter of putting your degree to use.  Just go out there and find something in the field that you enjoy doing!  You can always change your career path down the line to work more with criminal defense or more with criminal prosecution – the field is endless!