Recent Court Cases Reveal the Importance of Criminal Justice Degree Jobs

We can’t go a day without hearing about a horrific child abuse case, domestic abuse case, or capital murder case in this country.  Actually, I take that back – maybe if you live in Big Sky, Montana, you can go a while without hearing of any atrocities, but for those of us in major US cities, the criminal justice system resides in our backyards and city streets.  I think Houston had a miraculous day some time last year in which there were absolutely no violent crimes committed. I may have just hallucinated and misheard that, but it seems about right for Houston, a city ripe with locations for shady drug deals and other crimes that stem from the areas. 

After hearing all this, it seems somewhat disheartening that we not only live in this country, we live in these violent towns.  However, the criminal justice system and those who work for it are at the forefront of these cases, working to both prevent crime and bring criminals to justice.  Court cases are a common result of violent crime, although it is amazing how many judges and juries sentence these criminals to either probation for one, or the other extreme, to the death penalty/life in prison.  It’s always difficult to procure an adequate punishment when you are a judge or a member of the jury, but sometimes this realm of the criminal justice system appears to be one that should be lightly treaded upon. 

Our major news networks sensationalize nearly every major violent crime story, leading to a misheld belief that we live in a country in which crime lurks around every corner, searching for its next victim.  We live in a relatively safe country, despite what the media tries to tell us on an every-day basis.  Today the big news involves a bank hold-up (do we still need to use this word?) and a possibly disgruntled employee who shot several coworkers.  While this is sad, and our hearts go out to the victims’ families, this does not necessarily mean that our criminal justice system is in complete disarray.  Crime happens on a regular basis, despite what we can try and do to prevent it.  Criminal justice degree jobs teach students this exact same message, and encourages most students to try and get jobs that make a difference within the criminal justice system.

The ending of the criminal justice system brings some sense of closure to most families who sit in the courtrooms to watch the jury deliberate and confirm that the defendant is, in fact, guilty.  There is probably little else we could compare to this experience, and it is one the criminal justice system strives to maintain for any person who has been criminally wronged.