Top Ranked Criminal Justice Jobs

Entering the criminal justice field is one step that will ensure you will have a stable career for the rest of your time in the industry.  Due to the wide range of options available for criminal justice students, it seems like your options will never run dry for suitable criminal justice jobs.  Many of the top ranked career choices include law enforcement officers, detectives, forensic analysts, probation officers, lawyers, and even criminal justice teachers.  

Law enforcement officers are the most popular criminal justice job to choose from, and one which has a constant need for new recruits every year.  Depending on what type of law enforcement you want to go into will determine what experience and schooling you will need to even apply for the position.  Most local law enforcement positions require some background experience, such as working for a county prison or a criminal justice degree, while federal or state agencies require a more extensive educational background and years of work experience.  Different levels of law enforcement additionally require different types of experience – potential detectives and forensics analysts will typically need to have a firm background in criminal justice before they will be promoted to this level.  However, starting off your criminal justice career with a type of local law enforcement will allow you to gain the experience you need to increase your chances at working with a higher level of law enforcement.

Working with the judicial system is another highly ranked career choice within the criminal justice field. Once again, you will have many options to choose from if you go this route – ranging anywhere from attorneys to paralegals to court reporters.  Every person in the courtroom plays a vital role in the criminal justice system, producing a high need for people who hold the skills necessary for this type of work.  Clerks and court coordinators typically need to only hold a bachelor’s degree and background experience within a court system or even work experience in an office atmosphere.  Many times, simply keeping yourself organized and on task are some of the main job requirements to work in a courtroom.  

Finally, criminal justice teachers are another top choice within criminal justice jobs.  This way, many students of criminal justice are able to keep updated on any new developments within the system and are able to pass on their love of the field to students every year.  While there are job opportunities for both high school students and higher education, the majority of criminal justice teachers are professors at public universities.  The field is in constant need of bright, new graduates, meaning that there will be a constant need for teachers in the field for years to come as well.