Criminal Justice Programs in Delaware

Delaware may only have a handful of quality criminal justice programs in the state, but it does have many state and local criminal justice-related agencies which can make employment placement promising. For example, one employer possibility is the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System, the state agency responsible for relaying important information to criminal justice professionals as well as the community. Working for the Delaware Criminal Justice Council is also another possibility. It’s an independent body dedicated to developing programs and initiatives that better the community and reduce criminal activity. Also, the Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security as well as the Department of Correction have many lucrative career opportunities. Although there aren’t too many, the criminal justice programs in Delaware are worthy. Here are some of the higher-quality ones.

Criminal Justice Schools in Delaware

University of Delaware: The University of Delaware’s Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in criminal justice. Bachelor degree seekers will learn the core concepts on criminal justice and the court system like policing, criminal law, and corrections — the foundation needed for law school, graduate school, or a career in the administration of justice. A master’s degree and a PhD in criminal justice, on the other hand, involve more research and independent studies. Both programs are also strongly centered around seminars and internship opportunities.

Wilmington University: Wilmington University’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers certificates in criminal justice as well as a bachelor’s degree, and two different master’s degrees: one in the administration of justice the other in homeland security. The bachelor’s degree program gives students a string foundation in criminal behavior, law enforcement, and ethics. The master’s degree program expands on that knowledge and prepares students for leadership roles. Both degrees are also offered online.

Wesley College: Wesley College, one of the oldest private schools in the state, offers a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. This program is ideal for those who are aspiring paralegals or would like to pursue law school and/or other criminal justice related-post graduate studies. Students will also have the opportunity to obtain an internship and become members of the Legal Society or the LEX Chapter Honor Society.

Delaware State University: Delaware State University’s Department of Criminal Justice offers a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a program that helps students get a strong foundation in policing, criminology, and the court system. Students also get to go beyond the classroom and pursue internships to get hands-on-experience in the field of criminal justice. The department is also involved in a few criminal justice-related research projects, including a project that aims to improve the chain of custody for criminal evidence.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Delaware

Those who obtain a degree in criminal justice can potentially work for a number of different local, state, or Federal agencies. Popular titles for associate and bachelor degree holders include police officer, corrections officer, state trooper, jailer, court reporter, and victim’s advocate just to name a few. A master’s degree or higher can obtain a position as a judge, lawyer, Federal marshal, or a forensic scientist for example. In fact, despite the fact that Delaware has a 6.7% unemployment rate nationally employment opportunities for forensic science technicians are predicted to increase by 19% within the next decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Although wages will vary depending on place of employment , level of experience, and education, the median annual wage of forensic science technicians was $51,570 in May 2010 the Bureau reports.