Criminal Justice Programs in Kentucky

Kentucky has excellent options for those looking to study or work in the criminal justice field. There are several colleges and universities offering criminal justice programs in Kentucky, and there are many criminal justice institutions where graduates can find employment. For example, the Kentucky Justice & Public Safety Cabinet has more than 8,000 employees and is responsible for overseeing criminal justice services in the state. This includes law enforcement, juvenile and adult incarceration, autopsies and analyses, special investigations, and statewide criminal issues. Those in criminal justice can find work overseeing these areas or working directly in the field. They may also serve on the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council, which provides information and policy recommendations to state officials. Here are some of the criminal justice schools in Kentucky:

Criminal Justice Schools in Kentucky

Kentucky State University: The criminal justice program at KSU is part of its School of Public Administration, Social Work & Criminal Justice. The criminal justice and social work programs often work hand-in-hand and prepare students to recognize public need and social problems. The criminal justice major is geared toward those seeking a career in the court system, law enforcement, community and institutional corrections, or graduate work in criminal justice.

University of Louisville: University of Louisville offers two online criminal justice degrees: one at the bachelor’s level and one at the master’s level. Students are able to complete coursework 100% online. The administration of justice program features an innovative curriculum and an award-winning faculty. Students learn about policy and legal issues in the criminal justice system.

Daymar College:Daymar College offers an online criminal justice degree at either the associate or bachelor’s level. Daymar also offers the same programs on campus. The program is designed to help students gain the skills necessary to work in law enforcement, corrections or juvenile justice.

Eastern Kentucky University: Eastern Kentucky University offers online criminal justice degree programs in correctional and juvenile justice and criminal justice and police studies. Both programs are available at the graduate and baccalaureate levels. EKU also offers these programs in the traditional on-campus format.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Kentucky

There are many options for graduates of criminal justice programs in Kentucky. Students can work in the government, the court system, protective services, or incarceration, among many more fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. employment for those in the protective services comes with an average annual wage of $42,730, but this will also depend on location of employment and it will vary from position to position. The BLS also reports that Kentucky employed anywhere from 23,740 to 37,040 people in the protective service occupations as of May 2011. In 2012, jobs in the government showed no significant growth, but no significant decline.