Criminal Justice Programs in Maine

Anyone wondering how to become a police officer, forensic psychologist, probation officer, or any other type of professional in the legal and public safety fields may be interested in a criminal justice degree. Many colleges and universities offer both on-campus and online criminal justice programs in Maine. There are several ways to work in the criminal justice field, from public service to the court system or incarceration facilities. For example, the Maine State Police employs 341 personnel, including troopers, officers, detectives, and colonels. The department hosts units such as tactical, underwater recovery, evidence response, crisis negotiations, and incident management.

The following is a list of some schools offering criminal justice degrees in Maine:

Criminal Justice Schools in Maine

University of Maine: University of Maine offers an undergraduate degree in criminal justice administration. The criminal justice concentration is part of the public management program. Students can take courses such as police and community, administrative law, and American city.

Husson University: Husson University offers several types of criminal justice degrees as part of the School of Legal Studies. Degree programs of four years or more include bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, forensic science, and paralegal studies and a master’s degree in criminal justice administration. The university is career-centric and bases programs around the needs of students looking for jobs with criminal justice degrees.

Thomas College: Thomas College offers a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. The program stresses classroom involvement, engagement, and critical thinking so students can develop public-speaking and discussion skills. The curriculum allows students to spend a semester away to study areas of criminal justice first-hand.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine: Saint Joseph’s College offers a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. SJC also offers an online bachelor of science in general studies with a criminal justice specialization. The on-campus program features a full-year internship during senior year.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Maine

The job forecast in Maine for criminal justice degrees is good and there are many options for those seeking employment. The Maine Criminal Justice Academy keeps an updated list of criminal justice jobs in Maine. According to the Bureau of Labor Statisics the mean annual wage in the U.S. for those in the protective services industry was $42,730 in 2011. The Bureau also reports between 10,680 and 22,340 protective service employees in Maine as of May 2011.