Criminal Justice Programs in Mississippi

In Mississippi there is a large availability of criminal justice degree programs both online and on-campus. Thus graduates with criminal justice degrees in Mississippi have many career options. Law enforcement is a popular area of interest for those with bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice. One of the most populated cities in Mississippi is Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Police Department is composed of around 430 officers and 250 civilian personnel servicing over 185,000 citizens. Graduates may be interested in working in the State of Mississippi Judiciary and dealing with administration or other legal duties in arenas such as appeals, drug courts, municipal disputes, or youth trials. Graduates who focused on forensic psychology or criminology during their criminal justice degree programs can network and seek job opportunities with the Mississippi Psychological Association. For those interested in the human services and advocacy side of criminal justice, the Mississippi Department of Human Services deals with the monitoring of areas such as child abuse, adoption, services for aging citizens, child support enforcement, and youth services.

Some colleges and universities offering criminal justice programs in Mississippi include:

Criminal Justice Schools in Mississippi

Delta State University: Delta State University offers a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. A master’s in criminal justice online is also offered. Delta State boasts small class sizes which are designed to instill an academic foundation in justice and law combined with field knowledge.

The University of Mississippi: The University of Mississippi offers both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. In the bachelor’s program, students can choose between corrections, homeland security, and law enforcement concentrations. Master’s students can choose either criminal justice or homeland security emphases. Students may also be interested in the Master of Criminal Justice Executive Cohort program which enables professionals to take hybrid courses online combined with four two-week residencies over the course of two years.

The University of Southern Mississippi: The School of Criminal Justice at USM offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice. Students can also opt to complete bachelor’s degrees in the related areas of juvenile justice or forensic science. Graduate students can choose from an M.A. in criminal justice, an M.S. in criminal justice, or a Ph.D. in criminal justice.

Mississippi Valley State University: Mississippi Valley State University offers a B.S. and an M.S. in criminal justice. The bachelor’s program curriculum covers all the material necessary to give students a wide variety of career options upon graduation. Students will learn about all parts of the criminal justice system, from law enforcement to community corrections. Master’s students can create their own concentrations in areas like law enforcement, criminology, or criminal justice administration.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Mississippi

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for those in the protective services garners an average annual wage of $42,730 across the U.S., although figures will change according to location of employment. The top 90% of protective services employees in the U.S. make around $75,000 annually, and the bottom 10% make around $19,000. Investigation and security services are the densest areas of employment within protective services. Around 79% of all employees in the industry work in investigation and security. Graduates of criminal justice degree programs can find jobs by entering areas such as law enforcement and working from the ground up. They can also find employment by searching the websites of prominent areas in criminal justice, such as human services or the court systems. For example, employment opportunities within the State of Mississippi Judiciary are located on its website.