Criminal Justice Programs in Missouri

Criminal justice is a broad, thriving field that encompasses positions from federal agents to local probation officers. In Missouri, the Department of Public Safety heads up a Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement program tasked with supporting crime laboratories, correctional facilities and more. For individuals wanting to break into this field, it’s important that they realize there are several criminal justice programs in Missouri. Whether they’re interested in learning how to become a police officer or want to focus more on the forensics process, students gain a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the industry through these educational offerings.

Criminal Justice Schools in Missouri

University of Central Missouri: Based in Warrensburg, Missouri, the University of Central Missouri (UCM) has over 10,000 students. Going strong since its start in 1871, the school offers both undergrad and graduate degrees in criminal justice. In fact, the criminal justice program just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

University of Missouri-St. Louis: This school offers both undergraduate and graduate level degrees that focus on the criminal justice industry as a whole. Its Criminology and Criminal Justice Doctoral Programs was ranked 4th in 2010 by the U.S. News & World Report. Located in St. Louis, this school is a perfect option for students looking to earn their criminal justice degree in Missouri.

Missouri State University: Through various community partnerships, students in this program are given a well-rounded glimpse into this industry. Abundant internship opportunities and interactive courses work to thoroughly engage and educate students. Also, this university not only offers degrees in criminology and criminal justice but also gives students the opportunity to obtain a certificate in homeland security and defense..

Missouri Southern State University:The Criminal Justice Program at Missouri Southern State University is varied, diverse, and flexible — three characteristics that are absolutely necessary in today’s educational climate. Emphasizing the importance of not only classroom academics but also real world experience, this program encourages students to get up, get out, and explore the world around them. To add to the real-world element, the school also thinks students should study abroad to experience a wide range of criminal justice systems — after all, justice systems vary from place to place, so there’s something new to learn everywhere.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Missouri

Given the current condition of the economy, issues like unemployment and job placement rates for various industries are all the more important. Luckily, for those pursuing a profession in the area of criminal justice, job security doesn’t look like it will be a problem. A list compiled by Yahoo Education about college majors with the best employment rates ranked criminal justice second, proving that it’s a smart career choice. In fact, teachers alone in this subject reportedly have some of the highest employment numbers in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s important to realize, though, that having a degree is not necessarily a guarantee for a great job, salary, etc. All of that varies upon company, position, and other considerations.