Criminal Justice Programs in Nebraska

Doctors, teachers, singers, and musicians — these are just some of the things children dream about becoming when they “grow up”. Other popular options include police officers, lawyers, and all-around crime-fighters. For those who identify more with the latter selection, a degree in criminal justice would be a wise investment. In the Cornhusker state, criminal justice professionals base their work on the rules, regulations, initiatives and programs of the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice — an organization that was originally established in 1969. Some popular criminal justice programs in Nebraska are outlined below for those interested in this career path.

Criminal Justice Schools in Nebraska

University of Nebraska-Omaha: Whether you need a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or Ph.D. in this subject, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here. In addition to giving students a thorough understanding of the subject of criminal justice, the school also works with their schedules to make sure they get the knowledge they need, when they need it. Students have the option of taking online “X” courses so that they can learn anytime, anywhere. The school has also earned national recognition with one of its students receiving the 2012 Distinguished New Scholar Award by the American Society of Criminology’s Division of Corrections and Sentencing.

Wayne State College: The program offered here extensively covers everything that goes into a well-rounded criminal justice education. From social issues to economic problems and political disputes, students study more than just “crime scene investigation” tactics. They gain a foundation of knowledge that helps them understand the purpose and role of an effective criminal justice system.

Chadron State College: Students here can opt to earn either a bachelor’s degree or minor in the subject of criminal justice. From ethics to corrections, no topic goes uncovered. For those interested in just the minor route, they will be required to take four main courses in addition to three more pre-approved hours.

Peru State College: Law enforcement, juvenile justice, and victimology are just SOME of the subjects students at Peru State College learn when they enroll in the criminal justice program. In an effort to accurately capture the everyday life of a criminal justice professional, courses are both hands-on and research-based — just as most criminal justice careers are. Spanish and other language studies are also encouraged here, as criminal justice professionals frequently have to deal with people from backgrounds other than their own.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Nebraska

Criminal justice is a popular degree choice because it is one that offers lots of opportunity. Criminal justice degrees prepare people for careers as sheriffs, games wardens, court reporters, and much more. Individuals in this line of work in Nebraska make a mean salary of just under $40,000 a year. While the pay might not be as much as other fields, the work is said to be somewhat “ recession-proof, as the need for safety and justice will always exist. This little known fact alone ups the appeal of this industry.