Criminal Justice Programs in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the Criminal Justice Bureau (CJB) has several responsibilities. From handling issues like drug trafficking to representing the state in all criminal appeals cases brought before the New Hampshire Supreme Court and/or federal courts, the organization does a lot to serve the state’s citizens. As crime evolves — and in some unfortunate cases, grows — so, too, does the need for a capable criminal justice industry. To meet this demand, New Hampshire criminal justice programs are on the rise and are definitely worth a second look from students interested in breaking into this vast, in-demand field.

Criminal Justice Schools in New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce University: Students in this program can choose to either pursue a major or minor in the subject. The school places extra emphasis on social issues that affect various races, creeds, and cultures, as a big part of any criminal justice career involves extensive involvement with the public. Criminal justice professionals must know how to ethically and considerately handle any situation that may arise, and the course work offered through Franklin Pierce University ensures they will be able to do just that.

Hesser College: In addition to a diverse catalog of courses, students here also have the opportunity to visit the FBI Academy and Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Degrees are offered at both the associate and bachelor’s levels. The school also offers a line of study designed specifically for prospective paralegals.

New England College: From guest speakers to interactive class discussions, courses offered through this program go the extra mile to thoroughly engage the student body. From issues of crime prevention to social problems, students learn it all. They even get to venture to Washington, D.C., to get a first-hand look at the FBI Academy.

Southern New Hampshire University: A program built for working individuals, classes and schedules are made to be flexible and convenient while remaining thorough. Students can earn either an associate in the subject or keep going all the way to a bachelor’s — whatever works for them and their goals. Courses are taught by industry-leading professionals, ensuring that students get the best, most relevant information possible.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in New Hampshire

Prospective students of any academic program should do their homework and determine the job earnings and placement statistics of their particular degree. For students pursuing a criminal justice degree in New Hampshire, it’s important that they realize that the annual, average salary of someone in their field is projected to be $42,370. This number, however, does factor in a wide-range of professions from detectives and private investigators to paralegals and probation officers, which each have their own specific salary range. While criminal justice is currently a booming field, one’s own personal results will vary depending on specific job, location, skills, and more.