Criminal Justice Programs in New Mexico

New Mexico may affectionately be known as “The Land of Enchantment”, but it, too, has to worry about crime. Luckily, for the state’s citizens there is a very capable, trusty Justice Network in place that works to keep the citizens safe, informed, and protected. The network is run by a group of criminal justice professionals that make up the Justice Information Sharing Council. Always looking for new, eager individuals to fight for the state’s safety and security, the group encourages current students to pursue criminal justice degrees in New Mexico.

Criminal Justice Schools in New Mexico

University of New Mexico: Offered through the University of New Mexico’s Sociology department is an opportunity for students to learn criminology and criminal justice. Both a major and a minor are available in the subject, so students can choose which option is right for their ultimate goals. In addition to focusing much attention on the criminal justice system itself, the courses also give students the opportunity to study and explore the societal impacts of crime and corruption.

Dona Ana Community College : Here, students will have the opportunity to pursue an associate degree in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice. A good choice for those just starting school, the program also has benefits for those already in the field. The courses and curriculum allow them to take another look at their everyday professional life and find new meaning and purpose in everything they do.

Santa Fe Community College: Students here can opt to either get an associate degree in criminal justice technology, or a certification to be a law enforcement or corrections officer. The certification comes only after successful completion of the Law Enforcement and Correction Officer Academy. In both concentrations, students gain an understanding of the legal system, and walk away with a breadth of both real-world and theoretical knowledge to help them lead successful careers.

Central New Mexico Community College: This school serves as a great starting point for anyone looking to jump into the criminal justice field. While many occupations in this field do not require a complete four-year degree, it doesn’t hurt to have one to help you stand out from the crowd. Courses and certifications earned here are easily transferable to 4-year schools, should that be one’s goal.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in New Mexico

People holding degrees in criminal justice can go on to do a myriad of jobs. Special government agents, private investigators, paralegals, and more all benefit from the background and knowledge gained through accredited criminal justice programs. Although a criminal justice degree is a wise investment, your salary and job security will vary based on your location, skills, and specific job. For instance, a job that has a national average annual salary of $55,180 is projected to only bring in $43,430 in New Mexico. So, before settling on a job or location, it is important to shop around and weigh all of your professional opportunities.