Criminal Justice Programs in New York

From NYPD Blue to CSI: NY, it’s clear that popular culture and the public are fascinated by the criminal justice world of New York State. It’s no wonder, then, that New York criminal justice programs are on the rise. More and more people are now pursuing criminal justice degrees in hopes of breaking into the field and joining the ranks of the members of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. From domestic violence to sex crimes and more, this division works constantly to protect, serve, and inform the people of New York.

Criminal Justice Schools in New York

Excelsior College: An accredited college that has helped over 140,000 people earn their degree, Excelsior is clearly an establishment students can count on. Whether students are looking for an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, they are sure to find something that works for them here. The school has several alternative scheduling and online options to help accommodate the busy, working adult who just wants to go back to school.

St. John’s University: Both associate and bachelor’s degrees are offered through this program at St. John’s University. Students gain a breadth of knowledge and insight from the capable team of professors who are assigned to lead the way. Outside of the classroom, students are encouraged to gain real-world experience through work-study and internship programs.

Niagara University: A traditionally Catholic college founded in 1856, Niagara University is a school of tried and true tradition. One of the school’s exceptional academic programs is the criminal justice track. Students can opt to pursue only a minor, or they can decide to up it to a bachelor’s degree. Whatever they choose, students will have access to the Criminal Justice Honor Society so long as they keep their grades and performance up.

Farmingdale State College: Students here can earn an associate degree in the broad field of criminal justice, or they can opt to get a little more technical and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Security Systems and Law Enforcement Technology. Both are great options, and students here will learn about the importance of DNA evidence and will gain a basic understanding of the complex world of forensics.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in New York

New York State is a great place to utilize a degree in criminal justice. Across the board, from court reporters to correctional officers, statistics show that New Yorkers earn more than people in comparable roles in other parts of the country. The average annual salary for someone in New York in this line of work is close to $50,000 — not bad considering other states only come in around $38,000. Whatever career goals one might have, it’s important to remember that a degree or certification doesn’t secure anything. Factors like city, company, experience, and more always come into play and can change the odds.