Criminal Justice Programs in Tennessee

There are numerous schools in Tennessee that offer educational and career opportunities in the criminal justice field. For instance, the Nashville District Attorney‘s office handles the trial and prosecution of criminal cases that occur within the city of Nashville — the capital of Tennessee. The District Attorney’s office is responsible for determining whether there is enough evidence to prosecute persons accused of crimes in the criminal division, juvenile division, and the victim witness services division. Another criminal justice professional opportunity to pursue is with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which is the central source of information regarding criminal history in Tennessee. In addition to maintaining criminal history information, the Bureau also provides public access to criminal information when requested. Tennessee has a number of colleges, universities, and online colleges that have stellar criminal justice degrees.

Criminal Justice Schools in Tennessee

Middle Tennessee State University: Middle Tennessee State University offers a criminal justice bachelor degree, a criminal justice master’s degree, and a criminal justice Ph.D. program. At the graduate level, students may obtain a master’s in criminal justice, which is offered as a joint program between Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee State University. Within Middle Tennessee State University’s criminal justice degree programs, students have the option of choosing concentrations in either law enforcement or homeland security. Middle Tennessee University also offers students the opportunity to seek out internships in over thirty criminal justice agencies, including public defenders offices, the district attorney’s office, and police departments at both the state and federal level.

Bethel University: Bethel University’s college of criminal justice offers both a criminal justice bachelor’s degree as well as a criminal justice master’s degree. In order to accommodate all students, Bethel University offers both an on campus and an online degree in criminal justice. The online criminal justice degree program at Bethel University is unique in that it offers courses every five weeks, smaller class sizes, and an astute faculty of teachers.

Daymar Institute: The Daymar Institute offers an associate’s degree in criminal justice as well as a traditional criminal justice diploma program. Daymar Institute’s criminal justice associate degree focuses on three key aspects of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement operations, criminal justice investigations, and juvenile delinquency. The school also has locations in three other Tennessee cities: Clarksville, Murfreesboro, and Nashville.

Tennessee State University: The Criminal Justice Department at Tennessee State University is one of the largest criminal justice programs in the nation. The school offers both an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and a graduate degree in criminal justice that contain a myriad of interesting courses, including police science, social science, law, and numerous others . The criminal justice degree program at Tennessee State University is designed to help students attain an academic, ethical, and legal understanding of the criminal justice field.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Tennessee

Criminal justice is a career that offers jobs in local, state, and federal law divisions. In Tennessee the job outlook for criminal justice professionals is steady. In Tennessee, there are currently 24,000 individuals working as criminal justice professionals. Statistics predict that this will increase by 8% by 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for police and detectives in May 2010 was around $55,010, and that protective service employment is expected to increase by 11% between 2010 and 2020 throughout the nation.

In Tennessee specifically, the annual salary ranges from about $16,500 to more than $34,000. Criminal justice professionals in Tennessee earn a median salary of around $23,000. Keep in mind that salaries differ due to factors like employers, areas, job experiences, and prior positions.