Criminal Justice Programs in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin boasts nearly 50 criminal justice degree school programs across the state. In addition to criminal justice colleges and universities, Wisconsin also houses a number of professional criminal justice organizations and groups. The Crime Information Bureau at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, for instance, provides the state with a number of criminal justice services, such as legal advice, legal representation, criminal investigations, and various other criminal justice services. Many criminal justice students in Wisconsin work with the Department and other criminal justice organizations during their years of studying for a criminal justice degree. Students who are interested in working criminal justice jobs in Wisconsin may want to seriously consider attending a criminal justice college in Wisconsin.

Criminal Justice Schools in Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee: The largest criminal justice degree program in Wisconsin is offered at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. The degree is a master’s degree in criminal justice and helps educate students to become key leaders in the criminal justice field. In addition to the traditional criminal justice degree, students can also select concentrations in law enforcement, corrections, or administration. The corrections concentration prepares students for administrative positions in correctional facilities; the law enforcement concentration prepares students for management positions in law enforcement; and the administration concentration helps prepare students for administrative positions in the criminal justice system.

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College: Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College offers a technical diploma in criminal justice. During their attendance at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, students have the opportunity to train at the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Police Academy. The Academy’s program takes 520 hours to complete and licenses students for a period of two years upon completion. To be eligible for this degree, students must have completed at least 60 hours of college credits, among a handful of other requirements. The program also encourages students to pursue outside courses pertaining to criminal justice, such as speech, basic math, economics, business law, psychology, health, and physical education.

Carroll University: The criminal justice program at Carroll University is intended for students who have an interest in working for law enforcement agencies, police and sheriffs’ departments, private counseling, probation and parole, and corrections. The criminal justice major has a liberal arts focus, emphasizing sociology, communication, and intellectual skills. For those who have an interest in entering the police force, the college has an agreement with the Law Enforcement Department at Waukesha County Technical College that allows qualified students to enroll in Basic Police Recruit Academy between their junior and senior years at Waukesha County Technical College.

Viterbo University: Viterbo University offers students the opportunity to obtain a bachelor of arts in criminal justice, a bachelor of science in criminal justice, and a criminal justice minor. All criminal justice majors at Viterbo University must complete a criminal justice internship during their course study. Students may complete this requirement by attending theÿLaw Enforcement Academy,ÿwhich certifies students to be police officers in the state of Wisconsin. Students who have an interest in joining an on-campus criminal justice organization might be interested in considering Alpha Phi Sigma — the only national criminal justice honor society.

Criminal Justice Career Statistics in Wisconsin

Many students who pursue criminal justice degrees in Wisconsin end up sticking around to work around the state. The number of criminal justice careers open to graduates, however, is barely over 12,000. Although this amount is relatively small, it’s expected to increase by 5% by the year 2020. Criminal justice professionals in Wisconsin earn anywhere between $17,000 a year to $34,000 a year. The average salary for a criminal justice professional in Wisconsin, however, is around $22,000 a year.